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Çiçek Lokantası, was established at Ulus district in 1968, is a subsidary firm of Taha İnşaat Ltd. Şti.. Second branch was opened at Söğütözü and both branhes are still being operated. With over 43 years of experience in the flavor secrets from father to son, we will be honored to present you our special tastes.

Çİçek Lokantası Söğütözü

Söğütözü Çiçek Lokantası offers 1000 square metes of indoor space to serve a great quality of food with an exceptional atmosphere. Apart from indoor section, there is also terrace which completes your summer dinners with its great design. Additionally Çiçek Lokantası Söğütözü branch is perfect for your business meetings. There are 4 separated VIP rooms which offer presentation tools and fresh environment for your meetings.

Address Information: Çiçek Lokantası, Söğütözü Mh. 2176. Sk. 5/45 Söğütözü/ANKARA
T: (0312) 284 0 888
F: (0312) 284 63 69

Çİçek Lokantası Ulus

The first branch of Çiçek Lokantası, without any change of its quality and taste. You can find and taste any type of traditional food at Ulus branch every single hour of the year with excellent service and quality.

Address Information: Çiçek Lokantası, Ulus Çankırı Cd. No:56/B Ulus/Ankara
T: (0312) 311 14 97
F: (0312) 311 60 70