• hurriyet9B
    The Same Taste for 43 Years

    One of the most special foods of Ankara Kitchen Lamb with Pilaf is presented to the appreciation the local folk with the same taste for 43 years. Sami Sarı, who’s the chef for|| Read More

  • hurriyet8B
    This is the New Generation Tradesmen’s Restaurant

    Hürriyet Ankara 30 October 2011
    Since we’re talking about tradesmen’s restaurants we can’t not mention Çiçek Lokantası. Çiçek Lokantası was a traditional tradesmen’s restaurant that was founded in Ulus 1968, now they have a|| Read More

  • cumhuriyetB
    A Home Meals Classic

    Cumhuriyet Ankara 14 October 2011
    1968 yılından günümüze Ulus’ta hizmet veren tarihi Çiçek Lokantası, Çiçek Lokantası, serving since 1968 in Ulus, is presenting all its colors, voices and tastes to its guests at its|| Read More

  • hurriyet6B
    7.000 Flowers from Çiçek

    One of the oldest restaurants of Ankara, Çiçek Lokantası have brought a ‘Leave Çiçek(flower) with a flower’ policy for the Ramadan month at its second place on its 43rd year. This has been|| Read More

  • milliyet7B
    Gift of the Dining Table: Flower

    Milliyet Ankara 15 September 2011
    One of the oldest restaurants of Ankara, Çiçek Lokantası have decided to continue their ‘Leave Çiçek(flower) with a flower’ they had started for Ramadan on their 43rd year, for|| Read More

  • hurriyet7B
    Çiçek Lokantası has Got Along with the Restoration

    Hürriyet Ankara 9 September2011
    Çiçek Lokantası was restored was restored fitting to the historical pattern with the restoration operations started by Altındağ Municipality. The restaurant started giving service with its old patterned floors, wooden|| Read More

  • hurriyet5B
    They Send Off with a Flower

    Hürriyet Ankara 26 August 2011
    One of the oldest restaurants of Ankara, Çiçek Lokantası, have started a new event special for the Ramadan. With the motto “We wanted you to leave Çiçek with a|| Read More

  • hurriyet3B
    The Generation is New but the Methods are Traditional at Çiçek

    Hürriyet Ankara July 2011
    Çiçek Lokantası, opened as a traditional tradesmen’s restaurant in 1968 in Ulus is leading the new generation change. The first place of 90 sqm opened in Ulus, is continuing its|| Read More

  • postaB
    Taste Stop of 43 Years

    Posta Ankara, 30 July 2011
    Çiçek Lokantası which has opened its doors 43 years ago in Ulus is nowadays a popular place for everyone that pass through Ankara. The secret for the restaurant to|| Read More

  • milliyetB
    The Restaurant Whose Stoves Never Go Off: Çiçek

    Milliyet Ankara 20 July 2011 Gizem Karakış./em>
    Çiçek Lokantası which has succeeded in being the most popular place for the local people of Ankara is now continuing to be the master taste of the|| Read More

  • hurriyet2B
    43 Years of Experience

    27 May 2011 Hürriyet Ankara
    Çiçek Lokantası, sustaining the taste of their meals with secrets passed from father to son, is meeting the people of Ankara with its new place on Eskişehir Yolu, Söğütözü.|| Read More

  • sabahB
    The Place Which Challenges the Years: Çiçek Lokantası

    Sabah Ankara, Sema Akbaş’ın 9 Nisan 2011 yazısı.